there is much to be discovered in such a simple activity as cleansing

the appropriate cleansing of skin is more than a half of successful skin care – our new campaign has started under this banner, with which we promote our dermal cosmetics and good habits connected with skin cleansing.

The testing performed by us has revealed that knowledge of the basis of daily care is still rare among women: the products which can be found in the bathroom of the average Polish woman are not adapted to the individual needs of their skin – tonic is used interchangeably with micellar water, and washing coloured cosmetics from the face is considered to constitute the ultimate removal of all impurities.

The first stage of the campaign also involves operating in the social media, including the blogosphere. We have invited to cooperate parenting bloggers (i.a. Lady Gugu, Nebula, Szczęśliva) who create author’s entries in their blogs.

Support for these activities in the social media is provided by the dedicated www site

On this site, we zoom in on everything related to the correct cleansing of face skin. We explain why it is so important and how to do it.

We want women to be able to confront their daily care habits and see the mistakes they should avoid.

There is much to be discovered in such a simple activity as cleansing.


Why mums?

Mums make an ideal target group for the project – women who have children demonstrate that lack of time is no excuse in care shortcomings. Correct cleansing takes, in fact, three minutes only, i.e. 180 seconds, during a day which can always be managed effectively.

Bez tytułu

The bonus of this part of the campaign is action#notmumonly, encouraging readers to share in the social media the photographs showing the ways they spend the time reserved for them only.                  The contest is promoted by a video spot with the participation of Miss Ferreira https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=2&v=U2ygCwQZ5c8


Mums are just the beginning. During the next stages we plan cooperation with popular representatives of the blogosphere, utilising at the same time the next mottos of the campaign:      water only is not enough; cream will not be 100% absorbed without correct cleansing; and makeup removal = cleansing? Actually it is not.

We invite you to the site http://oczyszczanie.tolpa.pl/