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Effectiveness tested by dentists

Effectiveness tested by dentists

The line consists of:

  • Antibacterial Black White

    Activated-carbon bleaching.
    Removes coffee, tea, and red wine discolourations, and brightens and smooths the tooth-enamel surface.

  • visible-white

    Visible White

    Whitens teeth after 1 use.

  • enzyme white

    Emzyme White

    With bromelain, enzymatically whitens teeth without any invasive abrasion of enamel.

  • snow-white

    Snow White Toothpaste Booster and Mouthwash

    Professional intensive whitening accelerator, speeding the removal of tough stains. Whitening effects visible after 3 days.


  • whitening-set

    Whitening Set

    Contains hydroxyapatite, which is a natural tooth-building material.

Our hero ingredients

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green tea


The line consists of:

  • carbon white

    Carbon White

    Whitens and protect against bacteria. Contains certified organic black and white carbon and mint extract.

  • coconut white

    Coconut White

    Gently whitens due to the content of enamel whitening ingredients. Has a delicate mint and coconut aroma and gives a long-lasting fresh breath. Protects against the development of dental caries, plaque and tartar. Safe for enamel.

  • art feynman

    Aloe Vera Sensitive

    Has a botanical fluoride-free formula and a delicate recipe gentle to enamel. Prevents tooth sensitivity, strengthens gums, soothes and relieves. Refreshes the breath and helps reduce plaque and tartar.

  • Kids 0-6 Fluoride-Free

    Kids 0-6 Fluoride-Free

    Protects from the very first tooth, from 0 to 6 years of age. Is suitable for both milk and permanent teeth. Contains xylitol supporting its favourable effect on children’s enamel. Does not contain fluoride and is safe for the child when swallowed.

Product line dedicated to specific teeth & gums problems

  • Perioditions
  • Hypersensitivity
  • Oral care microbiome balance

The line consists of:

  • enamel repair

    Enamel Repair

    Specialist toothpaste for enamel issues. Remineralises and restores enamel micro-damages thanks to the content of hydroxyapatite. Protects teeth from caries and bacteria causing dental plaque formation. Strengthens teeth.

  • gums care

    Gum Rebuilder

    Specialist toothpaste and liquid for micro-damage of gums and periodontosis. Eliminates bacteria. Delicate for sensitive gums, has soothing properties. Strengthens teeth, protects against the development of caries. Removes plaque and tartar.

  • Probiotic care

    Probiotic Care

    Specialist toothpaste helps balance the microbiome balance in the oral cavity. An innovative combination of probiotic and prebiotic – a synbiotic of Bifidia Ferment Lysate and Prebiulin FOS (Inulin, Alpha glucan oligosaccharide). Supports positive oral cavity microflora. Strengthens teeth, protects against the development of caries, plaque and tartar.