At the Torf Corporation, we accept responsibility for the health and safety of our Employees. In these unprecedented times of the pandemic, we have introduced additional safety and hygiene measures. We are funding Covid-19 tests for our Employees, and providing instructions on how to stay protected against infection. All our Employees who are not crucial to our production processes have been given the possibility of off-site working from their homes. The current situation and the preventive measures being taken have not reduced our production capability at the plant in Kąty Wrocławskie, whose capacity is being fully utilised for manufacturing cosmetics.

For the sake of our common health, we have provided all our Employees with tołpa expert immuno-complex preparation to strengthen immunity in the upcoming autumn and winter seasons. It is a natural antioxidant, which protects against the harmful effects of free radicals, regenerates and strengthens, and reduces susceptibility to infection.

We are constantly developing a safe and healthy working environment. We pay special attention to responding to the current needs of our Employees. Beginning on the 1st of October, a new, more-extensive, medical-care package will be available at LuxMed facilities.

Discover a new line of anti-wrinkle cosmetics: tołpa® holistic. This is an innovative combination of a natural adaptogen – roseroot – and active ingredients.

Active ingredients – retinol, vitamin C, and azelaic acid, encapsulated in microcarriers – penetrate deeper into the skin, thus acting more effectively. Neuroguard G, the oligosaccharide from brown algae, smooths the skin, hyaluronic acid moisturises it, and the peat extract, our tołpa® peat, has antioxidant properties.

The effect: wrinkles are visibly reduced, plus you get relaxed, regenerated and radiant skin, simply happy.
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A distinction awarded by the Glamour editorial office: Glammies 2019 for urban garden 30+ facial cream.

Love Cosmetics Awards 2019 – an award for two cosmetics from the tołpa estetic line: acne treatment and discolouration treatment.

The competition is organised by the portal. The submitted products were evaluated by a professional jury, consisting of experts in the fields of marketing, brands, science, quality, social media, and communication.

Estetic treatments won in the #Advanced Face Care category.


Tolpa estetic rejuvenation treatments received first place in the new Home Spa category in the Cosmetic Hit 2018 competition.

The jury in the competition was composed of readers of “Dobre Rady” and “Samo Zdrowie”. The readers could vote on line, by traditional post, and sms, and the voting lasted from February to April.

Thespa detox line peat bath received an award in the Qltowy Kosmetyk 2019 contest.

The  spa detox line peat bath received the Product of the Year 2019 award from Women’s Health magazine

tołpa was named by consumers as the No. 1 brand in the Favourite Brand of Poles Contest, in the COSMETICS IN ECO TREND category.

The consumer survey was conducted by the well-known independent GFK Polonia Research Institute, on behalf of the publisher of the “Wiadomości kosmetyczne” monthly magazine. 1000 Poles took part in the survey.

tołpa dermo face sebio, mask – peeling – gel, 4 in 1, correcting imperfections, has received the Cosmetic of All Time award 2019

For more information on the product.

The title of Cosmetic of All Time is the only prize on the cosmetics market awarded by the biggest jury in Poland – Cosmetic of All Time catalogue reviewers. Every day, more than 86,000 users add and evaluate products. Once a year, products which have met with reviewers’ positive opinions, have the highest average ratings, and an enviable number of reviews, receive the title Cosmetic of All Time.

,,Szlachetna Paczka” is a Poland-wide charitable project, whose main aim is to help people and families who find themselves in difficult life situations. Together with our employees we have been able to collect a sum of money which has allowed us to buy everything that a family, chosen by us, needed.

The completed gift box is comprised of 20 cardboard boxes in total. We have also shared our own products and cosmetics.

We are proud of our employees, who have engaged in this campaign to a great extent. We are proud that together we have been able to make Christmas for this family really special.

Campaign website: