a magazine to read free(ly)

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we already correspond with our customers on Facebook, Instagram, & in newsletters, & it is still not enough for us.

That is why we have created something exceptional. From us for them. A new place for the tolpa.® brand.

 A magazine to read free(ly). This is the reflection of our brand spirit. In cooperation with the editor’s office and befriended authors. We talk here, among other things, about health, care, lifestyle and practical solutions. We provide good clues, but the final choice is left to our readers.


In the first issue, inter alia, the owners of the nicest flower shop in Poland (Kwiaty&Miut) reveal why plants should be kept closely to us (oh, my bonny wall fern!); Zuzanna Skalska will tell you about hygge, but in the Polish style;

Tomasz Biskup will show you how to live a day without a smartphone (apparently this can be done!). Then the blogger-friends will share their ideas for effective rest (Jacek Kłosiński) and will give some clues how to take good decisions (Paulina Szczepańska, One Little Smile).

And also

we tell you about the daily skin rhythm, recite the decalogue of moisturising, to be learnt by heart, see through peat, and disclose unobvious ways of care. We will provide you with tips on how to shop wisely, and focus on selected cosmetic components.

We hope that reading the magazine will be for you as equally pleasant as a cup of black coffee early in the morning.

PS with or without milk?

The link to the magazine