We are pleased to announce that a few days ago we received the Biedronka retail chain award in the INNOVATION category for the implementation of the new line of Be Beauty care products http://www.bebeauty.care/

The award is all the more valuable and important to us, given that we have been awarded as the only manufacturer of cosmetics.

This time the tołpa® green oils series was the winner.

The products won great recognition from the Jury of the Superproduct Plebiscite 2017 of the “Świat Kobiety” magazine and received the award of the main prize in the category of COSMETICS – FACIAL CARE.

The products of the tołpa® green oils series contain plant oils. Oils are super ingredients. They are delicate and at the same time effective and they give the skin something more than other extracts do. Taken almost directly from the kitchen, they prove to be effective for skin care and they have a positive influence on any skin type. They are superfoods for the skin.