The InStyle magazine competition is one of the biggest and most-prestigious cosmetics competitions on the Polish market. Its jury is composed of InStyle editors and industry experts, who select the best new products in 12 categories. The winning products are awarded the INSTYLE BEST BEAUTY BUYS 2018 certificate.

The night sebum blocker won in the Polish Cosmetics category.

The service is a modern platform which allows customers to quickly find the appropriate cosmetic, and do their shopping in even-more-friendly way. It is also an excellent place to get to know the tołpa.® brand and the idea which goes with it.

The new website was improved according to the most-recent trends and best practice in the field of designing online shops. Our customers will find a lot of convenience here, and the main aims of the change were the simplification of processes, consumate usefulness, and good design – in line with the tołpa.® brand.

Welcome to the new service:

we are delighted to announce that three of our cosmetics from the tołpa dermo face sebio line: 3-enzymes peeling, black detox mask, and night sebum blocker – have received the Qltowy Concept 2018 Award.

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– black detox mask,p1572#!opis-produktu
– night sebum blocker,p1570#!opis-produktu


The Qltowy Kosmetyk is an annual contest organised by the KOSMETYKI magazine.  The title Qltowy Concept is awarded for an exceptional product concept which meets the latest trends and market expectations.

tołpa® estetic line has received the must have 2018 Łódź Design Festival award.


It is a plebiscite recognising the best Polish creations in line with the latest trends in Polish design. Our new line was awarded out of 400 products evaluated by the Board of Experts, made up of representatives of the media and the most-important design centres.

Find out more about the estetic line on,k302

natureON – the essence of natural extracts, is a new line of oral care products based on certified ecological vegetal extracts.  The line consists of toothpastes and a mouthwash.

fresh&oil, refreshing toothpaste, 100ml and 20ml, produced on the basis of mint oil and certified, ecological green tea extract

gums protect, restorative toothpaste, 100ml, based on camomile extract and certified mint extract – carbon white, whitening toothpaste, 100ml, produced on the basis of certified, ecological black and white carbon and mint extract

carbon white, whitening mouthwash, 500ml and 75ml, based on certified, ecological black carbon and mint extract

natureON is a line of vegan-friendly products with no ingredients of animal origin. No parabens.

The line is available exclusively in ROSSMANN chain stores.  More information about the vegetal extracts used as a basis of the natureON formulas can be found in an extensive article in the April issue of Skarb magazine.

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whiteON – switch ON a white smile!

whiteON, a new line of oral-care products for healthy teeth and a white smile.  The advanced formulas used in the products, combined with unique tooth-whitening technology, based on a novel blend of active ingredients, such as an enzyme extract from pineapple (bromelain), PAP (phthalimidoperoxycaproic acid), and activated carbon, will whiten your teeth without causing damage to the enamel.

Our whitening toothpastes, mouthwashes and whitening sets can safely be used on a daily basis, and are recommended especially for smokers and lovers of coffee, tea and wine.

The new whiteON line consists of

– a 3-Step Whitening set

Enzyme White 10-days toothpaste, 75 ml, to reduce the discolouration and yellowing of the enamel through enzymatic whitening

Visible White toothpaste, 75 ml, which whitens the teeth even after the first use

Black White toothpaste, 75 ml and a 20-ml mini version, with black carbon, for reduced discolouration, smooth enamel and antibacterial activity

Enzyme White mouthwash, 500 ml, for white teeth with no plaque.

The products are available exclusively in ROSSMANN chain stores.


We are pleased to announce that a few days ago we received the Biedronka retail chain award in the INNOVATION category for the implementation of the new line of Be Beauty care products

The award is all the more valuable and important to us, given that we have been awarded as the only manufacturer of cosmetics.

This time the tołpa® green oils series was the winner.

The products won great recognition from the Jury of the Superproduct Plebiscite 2017 of the “Świat Kobiety” magazine and received the award of the main prize in the category of COSMETICS – FACIAL CARE.

The products of the tołpa® green oils series contain plant oils. Oils are super ingredients. They are delicate and at the same time effective and they give the skin something more than other extracts do. Taken almost directly from the kitchen, they prove to be effective for skin care and they have a positive influence on any skin type. They are superfoods for the skin.