tołpa little great care

tołpa® brand portfolio consist of 350 cosmetics and dermocosmetics

our values

  • simplicity
  • authenticity
  • transparency

we create our cosmetics for the sake of men and women who are aware
that healthy look is a matter of common sense. We believe that the most
important thing when you choose beauty products, is to consider all the
pros and cons. That’s why, when talking about us and our products we
always speak outright.

our way of communication


details on packaging

peat extract is in our DNA

it is the basic component of tołpa® products.

composition of cosmetics

our cosmetics are hypoallergenic and safe for the sensitive skin and we produce them just from the components that are absolutely necessary. No adjuvants. No chemical foaming agents. We use no artificial colourings so our cosmetics have natural colour. We do not pretend we are perfect though. We are constantly working out our compositions eliminating or reducing the amount of preservatives. We have set our goals clearly and we don’t loose faith. Every day is another step forward for us.

we have been rewarded

  • cosmopolitan_prix
  • BBB2016
  • MH Produkt roku 2016 tlo białe cmyk

other awards for products and design

  • good design
  • kreatura
  • webstar
  • dyrektor marketingu


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phone: +48 71 334 19 20