INTELCaLC is an innovative brand of toothpastes and mouth rinses.
  • Patented REMINA TECHNOLOGY™ is transporting bioactive calcium building in the tooth structure.
  • regulates pH
  • does not contain fluorine
  • allows protection and dental enamel restoration and prevents tooth decay
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How INTELCaLC toothpaste with REMINA™ TECHNOLOGY is working:

The toothpastes formulation contains intelligent bioactive calcium ions restoring tooth enamel.

Calcium ions are released while you brush your teeth.

Intelligent calcium ions built into the damaged structure of tooth enamel supporting the formation of hydroxyapatite – a natural tooth material.

Your teeth become stronger and more resistant to dental erosion and carries.
INTELCaLC toothpaste protects your teeth against sensitivity forming a mineral layer.

INTELCaLC toothpaste with REMINA™ technology guarantees:

  • Treduction of the solubility of enamel and strengthening of its resistance
  • Uteeth protection from sugar acids damaging effects
  • Vprotection from sensitivity
  • Weffective cleaning and evening out of the tooth enamel surface
  • Xoptimum pH level

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