Our cookies policy defines the rules for storage and access to information on Users’ devices that draw on cookie files to access electronically-supplied services requested by the User, and delivered by Torf Corporation – Fabryka Leków Sp. z o.o., located in Kąty Wrocławskie.
the administrator – Torf Corporation – Fabryka Leków Sp. z o.o., headquartered in Kąty Wrocławskie at ul. Fabrycznej 11, and entered into the register of entrepreneurs kept by the District Court for Wrocław-Fabryczna in Wroclaw, VI Commercial Division of the National Court Register, under KRS number 000098834, which has NIP: 8950010885, code 008089420, which provides electronic services and stores and accesses information on and from User devices.
cookies – computer data, in particular small text files saved and stored on the device through which the User accesses and uses the websites of the Service.
Administrator cookies – Cookies which are placed on the site by the Administrator and which relate to the provision of electronic services via the Service by the Administrator.
External cookies – Cookies which are placed on the site by partners of the Administrator, via the website of the Service.
service – the website or the web application that runs the Administrator’s website, operating via the following domain: sklep.tolpa.pl
device – any electronic device through which the user gains access to the Service.
user – the entity on whose behalf in accordance with the Regulations and laws can be provided with electronic services, and in whose name an agreement regarding the provision of electronic services may be made.
types of cookies used with the Service
all Cookies used by the Administrator are safe for User Devices. In particular, it is not possible for viruses or other unwanted software or malware to penetrate User Devices. These files are allow Users to be identified and for the software to be configured individually for each User. Cookies typically contain the name of the domain from which they originate how long they have been stored on a Device and then assigned an associated value.
the Cookies Administrator uses two types of cookies – “session” and “fixed”. The first of these are temporary files that remain on the device until the User logs off from the website or disables their software (web browser). “Fixed” files remain on the device for the time specified in the parameters of Cookies or until such time that they are manually removed by the User.

Cookies are used for the following reasons:
The Administrator uses proprietary Cookies for the following purposes:
a. service configuration
1) the adaptation of the Service’s web content according to User preferences and to optimize the use of its website;
2) storage of those settings chosen by the User and personalization of the User interface, e.g. in terms of User’s language or source region;
3) to recall the history of visited pages in the site’s content in order to recommend content;
4) the appearance of the site, etc. .;
5) to capture data needed to use the service.
b. User authentication and validation so that the User can engage in a session on the website
1) ongoing maintenance of the User’s sessions on the Service (after logging in), so the User is not required to re-enter the login and password on every page;
2) correct configuration of selected functions of the Service, allowing in particular verification of the authenticity of the browser session;
3) optimization and increased efficiency of those services provided by the Administrator.
c. implementation of the processes necessary for the Service’s webpages to function fully
1) adaptation of the Service’s web content according to User preferences and optimization of the use of its Service. In particular, these files allow for recognition of the basic parameters of the User equipment/devices and to properly display the web page tailored to an individual’s needs;
2) the correct handling of the affiliate program, allowing in particular the verification of sources which redirect users to the Service’s website.
d. storing user location
1) correct configuration of selected functions of the Service, allowing in particular that the information provided to Users is in alignment with their location.
e. Analysis, surveys and audits of the web audience
1) creation of anonymous statistics that help the Service to understand how Users benefit from web pages of the Service, which allows for improvement to their structure and content.
f. the provision of advertising services
1) adjustments to the way that advertised goods and services by third parties are presented via the Service.
g. to ensure the safety and reliability of the service.
the Service Administrator uses external Cookies for the following purposes:
a. the presentation of multimedia content on the web pages of the Service, which may be downloaded from an external website;
b. collection of general and anonymous static data using analytical tools;
c. to deliver advertisements tailored to User preferences using the tools of internet advertising;
d. login to the site using the automated quick login service;
e. The use of interactive features in order to promote the site using social networking sites;
f. The sharing of external opinions about the Service’s site, which are downloaded from an external website
g. the use of functions to facilitate communication through the Service’s website, which is downloaded from an external website.
conditions for storage or access by Cookies
the User can at any time change the settings for Cookies, specifying conditions of their storage and how the Cookies access User Devices. Changes to the settings referred to in the previous sentence, can be made via the web browser settings, or by using the Service’s configuration. These settings can be changed in particular in such a way as to block the automatic handling of cookies in a web browser configuration or to ensure notification whenever Cookies are being posted onto a User’s Device. Detailed information on the various ways of handling cookies is available in a web browser’s software settings.
The user may at any time remove Cookies using the features available via the web browser.
Reducing the use of Cookies may affect some of the functionality available on the Service.


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